• It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, and so the “picture” you first present says much about you.  Have you ever worried that your image is not doing you justice?
  • Ever wondered how the colours you wear impact on your first impression?
  • Have you a wardrobe full of clothes and still find yourself saying ‘I’ve nothing to wear’!


If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you cannot miss this 4 week course designed to bring your image to new heights!

A uniquely designed course to help you discover how you dress impacts on what salary you earn; what position you hold; what fees you can generate!

And, after all that you will walk with greater confidence and convince people of your worth!

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How To Dress between the Seasons

Spring/Summer fashions are urging us to move away from winter clothes but the recent cold weather is making it difficult to make the wardrobe transition. Dressing between seasons presents a few challenges, particularly from winter to spring as we are longing to wear more colour and shed a few layers.

The film and TV world seem to be dealing with this by wearing a great deal of black and white, which is terribly uninspiring. Monochrome is one of the key trends for Spring Summer 2013, but our wardrobes need a bit of a boost!

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Take your career to new heights through effective communication and a strong personal brand!

I am delighted to be joining forces with communications expert Orlaith Carmody www.orlaithcarmody.com  to offer a workshop for executive women on career development and personal branding.

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Get More Life Out Of Your Clothes

  • Launder less frequently if at all possible – washing and drying clothes frequently shortens their lifespan due to the heat and the friction involved in washing. Try wearing clothes multiple times between launderings.
  • Use a non-biological powder which is kinder to fabrics – and to your skin. Avoid fabric conditioner – they are usually full of chemicals. Always check the label for washing instructions.
  • Wash clothes on a cooler cycle in the washing machine – perhaps 30° – kinder to your clothes and saves energy too!
  • Line dry your clothes as opposed to putting them in the tumble dryer.
  • Always turn dark clothes inside out when machine washing and this will preserve the colour longer.
  • Zip up any garments as the teeth of the zip can cause damage to fabrics in the washing machine. The same applies to Velcro fasteners.
  • Check garments frequently for wear and tear – i.e. hems, buttons etc., and repair anything that’s needed.
  • Never put anything back into the wardrobe after wearing without checking for stains or any signs of wear and tear.
  • If you are wearing suits regularly, consider having them pressed as opposed to dry cleaned unless they really need it.
  • Storing your clothes in an organised way will ensure that you get the most life out of your wardrobe. Invest in good hangers, particularly for suits and jackets. Store non-hanging items flat and folded – this avoids the crumpled look or having to iron before wearing.
  • The Wow Factor And How To Get It!

    Did you ever meet someone who has just got that ‘wow’ factor – people who just ‘blew us away’? They influence simply by their personality, their looks and their charisma.

    People often say to me – ‘it’s ok for them, they were just born that way’.  I am not sure I agree with that. When it comes to impact or charisma, I have seen too many people develop their attributes in many ways with some professional advice, training and of course, the occasional makeover!

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    Dress for Success: How Your Clothing Can Boost Your Confidence

    When it comes to building self-esteem and confidence, your outer appearance is a major factor in how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. Looks may not be everything, but when it comes to the kind of impression we have about ourselves, minute details like clothing are a key part of our self-image. Whether you wear expensive designer clothing every day or are a thrifty shopper who seeks out the latest trends in her price range, you are defined by how you dress, and the way you view yourself is also determined by your clothing. 

    A woman’s style is a personal statement that often illustrates how she feels about life and society and the role she plays within her community and work environment. However, it can also be an indication of her level of confidence and self-worth. According to certain studies, there is a strong link between the way in which people feel and their styles of dress.

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    Clothes Labels – ignore them

    Clothes labels. The bane of my life. We are made to believe that if we are not a size 10 or smaller, we are overweight. Unfortunately, magazines and the media in general has set up normal, real sized women for failure and disgust by making us feel badly about our body image. In reality, can we as ‘normal’ grown women really expect to wear the same size as those ‘stick insects’ called models, beautiful and all as many of them are. These are not ‘real’ women. They are simply ‘bodies’ hired by the fashion industry to try and convince us to buy their products. This is not a healthy image. It is not a real image. In reality, the average sized woman is 14, probably closer to a size 16. And, generally, she is not 5’11”! My advice to clients is to use labels as a guide only. However, I frequently when personal shopping with cients how stressful she finds it if she has to opt for a size bigger than normal. Not all size 12’s fit the same – sometimes they fit like a 10 (or even an 8) and sometimes they fit like a 14 or more. (higher end fashion is cut more generously). I was shocked a few months ago when shopping with the teenage daughter of a client. She was roughly what I would consider a regular size 12. However, in a number of high-street stores, all of the clothes for her size were labelled as extra large. What kind of message is this sending out to young teenage girls? The secret is to buy clothes that fit properly. There is nothing as bad as someone ‘poured’ into dress which is too tight. It has the effect of making the wearer look bigger. Forget about the label. If you are healthy and well, what does it matter as long as you look and feel great. Forget about the body issues. Embrace your shape and dress for the size you are today. The secret is to focus on the positives and downplay the negatives – dress for your body shape, and you won’t believe how fantastic you will look. In our style consultations, we focus on showing clients what suits their shape, and how to make the best of the best features. Clients find this so positive and empowering. Liberating too when they really accept that they cannot be a slave to labels. They are real. They are