Top Tips when buying a new suit

The post Christmas sales is traditionally the time when many men replenish their work wardrobe, so we decided to put together some top tips to help you make the best choice when making the (often) substantial investment of the business suit for work.  Clients often ask what they should spend on a suit.  The secret is to work out the cost per wear of the suit as opposed to looking at the price alone.  If you are wearing a suit day in day out 5 days a week, you need to focus on building up your business wardrobe and achieving a situation where you have a number of quality suits which you can alternate ensuring a longer life out of your business wardrobe.

mens business suit 2012


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9 Top Tips For Shopping in the Sales

 sales decorationsThe post Christmas sales have started in earnest with great reductions on offer.   While everyone loves a bargain, it is often the time when most mistakes are made.  Many people looking for that ‘great bargain’ often end up with items they bought in a sale without any real idea how or why they bought it in the first place.  ‘I thought it was a great bargain at the time’.  How many times have we heard this during wardrobe weeding consultations – clothes that were bought in the heat of the moment without any real thought.  Check out our top tips to make sure you get the best bargains!

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