6 Things you need to do to network successfully

As a professional in business or as a business owner, do you find yourself going to professional networking events without a really clear idea of what you want to gain from it?

Are your staff attending network events but wondering about the value of their efforts?

In this economic climate, professional networking is more important than ever if you want to be successful, win new business or connect with other like-minded people. However, the thought of networking leaves many people cold. To ensure the success of your professional networking endeavours, you need to:

image matters networking


• Have a clear goal as to what you want to achieve out of the event;

• Look the business – remember the importance of first impressions;

• Listen more than you speak. Networking is all about relationships and building rapport.

• Leave your colleagues at the door and go and meet new people;

• Have a supply of business cards but know how to present them effectively;

• Always follow-up promptly and do what you said you would do.


The Image Matters ‘Network for Success’ workshop is a practical and experiential workshop which gives insights and practical tips about what networking is all about and how to get better bottom results for you and your business.

Topics covered include:

Understanding the power of effective networking in today’s market place; Learning how to radically grow your client base through effective networking; How to be remembered for the right reasons – dressing for impact; getting your message across without coming across ‘pushy’; learning the secrets of open and positive body language.

For further information on how you can grow your business or step up your career with successful networking, contact frances@imagematters.exsite.info

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