9 Top Tips For Shopping in the Sales

 sales decorationsThe post Christmas sales have started in earnest with great reductions on offer.   While everyone loves a bargain, it is often the time when most mistakes are made.  Many people looking for that ‘great bargain’ often end up with items they bought in a sale without any real idea how or why they bought it in the first place.  ‘I thought it was a great bargain at the time’.  How many times have we heard this during wardrobe weeding consultations – clothes that were bought in the heat of the moment without any real thought.  Check out our top tips to make sure you get the best bargains!

  1. Before you start, look in your wardrobe, then make a list of your needs, not your wants.  Avoid the easy trap of buying yet more of the same.  Remind yourself where you have lots of the same item – lots of tops and no bottoms or lots of clothes for work but nothing for going out?  Sound familiar.   Decide where the gaps are and aim to fill them.
  2. Decide on your budget and stick to it.  If your credit card is already under pressure, just bring cash and leave the credit card at home.
  3. Stay calm in the face of sales-induced hysteria.  Is it really a bargain?  Do you really need it?  Can you imagine wearing it?  Where? When?  This is the best test to avoid buying items that seem like a great bargain, but are they really?
  4. Look at the discount, but never overlook the price.  Before you purchase, ask yourself if the price was in fact, the full price would you still consider it.  If yes, then proceed, if not, then put it back.
  5. Shop around and shop early in the day before everything gets very busy.   Less likely having to queue for changing rooms – yes, you must try it on.  Same rules still apply.  Does it make you look and feel fabulous?  Does it work with your lifestyle?  If it is a ‘separate’, does it contribute to an overall outfit.  If not, don’t buy.
  6. Don’t rush.  It is easy to start believing that if you don’t buy it now, you will never get such a bargain again.  Keep using the tips above before commiting to purchase.
  7. What are your rights?  Check the returns policy of the store so as you know exactly how long you have to return the item if you do get it home and decide that it is just not going to work.  Your rights remain the same if the items is damaged or faulty in some way.  However, if you change your mind because the item doesn’t fit or you simply don’t like it when you bring it home, you need to check how long you have for exchange. 
  8. Do some on-line research in advance (if you are so inclined) and get an idea of what is on offer and what you are likely to pay.  Check out different stores, different brands so you take some of the leg work out of your trip before you hit the shops.
  9. Finally, remember, the more expensive the item, the bigger the mistake!

Have fun and if all else fails, many stores are already stock the beginings of their Spring/Summer 2013 collections, so you can start planning for next season!


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