Frances recently presented two practical styling sessions (one for ladies and one for men) at our offices in P&G Ireland. From the initial phone call, right through to the presentations, Frances was tremendous - advising on topics to be covered and engaging with the audience.
Catherine O'Toole - Procter & Gamble, Customer Business Development Department

In business, everything you do is a communication. Every point of contact is an opportunity to express who you are and what you do in a way that’s strong and consistent. As an effective business, you work hard to ensure that every presentation and procedure is polished, smooth and conscientiously aligned with your brand.

You and your team may be so busy honing your offering, polishing your pitch and working the details that you overlook one essential aspect of your branding – the human face of your business: your people. Did you know that 93% of our first impressions are based on non-verbal communication? What we actually say accounts for only 7% of the impact we create. That’s why creating an effective business image is vital.

At Image Matters we help senior executives perfect their professional presentation for big league success.

How we dress for business and carry ourselves sends some of the most powerful messages of all, but very few of us are conscious of our personal power, and even fewer understand how to harness that power and use it to our advantage.

At Image Matters, we help all kinds of people harness their personal power. We work with individuals and also help corporations ensure that all of their staff are communicating their brand values fluently. We work closely with managers and HR personnel to customise programmes according to different business sectors, career levels, time restraints and specific issues and needs.

image consulting for business

We help senior executives perfect their professional presentation for big league success. We work with employee advancement programs, state training agencies and business schools. We help younger employees understand the importance of image in business and get the basics right for life.

This list of programs is far from exhaustive. Phone us today and we’ll talk through your challenges and customise a program to help you and your team raise your game.

Find out a bit more about the benefits of Image Matters:

Image Matters – It really does…

How is your sales team performing?

Programmes available

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Image Seminars

A team building experience that explores important issues and personal presentation challenges while staying lighthearted and interactive.

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Interview Image Bootcamp

Learn how to project a powerful personal image for interview success at this highly focused, one-to-one session. Create that essential competitive edge.

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Career Advancement Programmes

Aimed at those at the advancing stages of their career, this program teaches how to climb those rungs faster with flawless attention to presentation and impactful body language. Delivered either in a group session or individual consultation.

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One-on-one Executive Image Coaching

Rising fast? Explore your unique strengths and perfect your presentation to take your career to the next level. Learn about your personal brand and how to communicate who you are in a way that’s clear and impactful.

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You are the Face of your Business

It’s impossible to separate how you present yourself from how you present your offering. Do your business justice with a professional image that’s true to your brand values. This specially designed one-on-one program will show you how to be the ambassador your brand deserves.

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