Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

We’ve heard this so many times and yet, it is not something we think about on a day to day basis. However, presenting yourself successfully for the job you have is so much more than the clothes you wear. I believe it is also a mind-set in how you feel about yourself and your competencies.  No matter what your skills or experience is, don’t let your personal image ruin your chances to make the best possible impression no matter what the occasion.

First impressions are so important and it only takes nanoseconds for someone to form an opinion about you. Having the right ‘look’ for the right situation is the only way to get a good start.

Once someone has formed a positive opinion of you from your appearance, it is up to you then to persuade them of your capabilities from your behaviours. It is much easier (and more empowering) to do once you are dressed appropriately.  Not only will you look good, you will feel a lot more positive and competent.

If you are in a work situation and are intent on progressing your career, you should treat every day as an interview. While you may not feel that you are dressed for interview every day, it will give you a good goal to aspire to, rather than throwing something together at the last minute and hoping for the best!

You never know who you are going to meet on any given day and the last thing you need is to feel that you haven’t made an effort or put your best foot forward!

So how do you do this? Decide on the message you want to project and the look you want. Clients often say to me that they want to look smart and professional, but often have difficult in visualising what this actually looks like. A little thought and planning into the image you want to project is key.  This is easier for some than others. They are not sure what suits, where to shop or how to put it all together. Our image consultations are designed to deliver results for clients in terms of developing a personal brand that works for them  www.imagematters.ie/personal

Attention to detail is key as well as good grooming, good fit and quality. This doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend a fortune, but rather it’s about knowing how make smart shopping decisions without breaking the bank. Now, speaking about banks – recent trend with our men clients is that they definitely don’t want to look like bankers! I wonder why!!

Frances Jones




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