First lady looks – making a great impression!

Well, the American Presidential race is on and the gloves are off and campaiging has begun in earnest with the major parties each holding their Annual Conventions.

michelle-obama Anne-Romney

Ann Romney, wife of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been rallying the troops in support of her husbands campaign for the White House.  Nowhere more than in American does image matter.  It is a proven fact that long after the speech is over, regardless of the topic, that voters remember how the candidate presented themselves.  The less politically minded the voter is, the more this is true!

At the recent Republican Convention, Anne Romney appeared in a powerful red colour (in line with the Party colours) complete with red nails and red lipstick.  The Oscar de la Renta dressed looked great and so it should at a hefty $2,000.

Michelle Obama on the other hand wore an amazing sleeveless pink and grey dress by African American designer Tracey Reese.  No jewellery – just teal/grey painted nails and rhubarb coloured suede pumps.

She gave a fantastic speech in support of her husband and by all accounts, she brought the house down.  She definitely won in the style stakes too, looking very edgy compared to Ann Romney who, while looking very striking, looked very conservative and matching!

If you have to give a presentation, you need to be aware of your ‘messaging’ and the impressions you are making.  There needs to be a connection and your image should support your message and not be a distraction, particularly for the wrong reasons! While you may not be making a Presidential bid in the near future, nevertheless, you always want to ensure that your image is doing justice to your presentation.

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