How to dress yourself slim

If you’ve been avoiding the gym or over-indulging on the chocolate and beginning to dread the thoughts of dressing for the warmer weather, it is still possible to look your best whatever your shape or size by dressing smartly. Here are a few key tips to help you make the most of your shape.

slim fitting dress1. Wear heels
While wearing heels on a day-to-day basis isn’t a great option for many, swapping flats for heels can make all the difference.  Heels instantly make your legs look longer and more toned making you appear taller and slimmer.  For a more comfortable option, try wedges or kitten heels which are very fashionable at the moment.  Avoid ankle straps which make the leg appear shorter and chunkier.


2. Wear the right sized clothes
Sounds obvious, but many people make the mistake of opting for a smaller sized dress in the hope that they will look and feel slimmer.  On the other hand, wearing baggier clothes to help conceal problem can also give the illusion of adding pounds.  To create a slimmer silhouette, opt for well-fitting clothes that flatter your shape and forget about label size as these are only a guide.

Draw attention to your best body parts and play down the not so good parts.  Dresses that are nipped in at the waist and skim over the tummy and thighs will flatter any figure.  The main guide here is never end a garment at your widest point as it is said that ‘The eye rests where the line stops’.  So, end at your narrowest point ie slimmest part of the arm, leg, and torso etc.


3. Wear great fitting underwear
Great underwear will help smooth out any lumps or bumps and give you a great silhouette.  Get professionally fitted on a regular basis is key to giving the illusion of a firmer, slimmer body shape.


4. Smart Accessorising
Accessories are a great way of drawing attention to your slimmest parts and taking the focus away from the parts you want to camouflage.  So, if you are unhappy about your arms or your bust, wearing a scarf or eye-catching neck-piece will draw the eyes up towards the face rather than to the areas of the body you are self-conscious about.


5. Colour
Colour is a really smart way of balancing out body-shape.  Wear your lightest/brightest colours where you want to draw the attention.  For instance, if you are a size bigger on your bottom half, you should always wear your colour on the top half of your body.  Light colours highlight whist dark colours camouflage.


6. Dress for your proportion and scale
This is particularly important when choosing prints.  If you are petite in height, large prints will make you look larger and have a tendency to overwhelm your frame, so go for smaller, dainty prints.  On the other hand, if you are tall, wearing small prints will look too busy and out of proportion, so opt for larger prints.  Also, opt for vertical stripes as these will elongate your figure whilst horizontal will give the illusion of widening you.


These are just a few tips to get you started – there are loads more! If you would like further information on any services check out our one to one consultations

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