How to pack like a pro for your summer holiday

You are looking forward to your well-earned Summer holiday, but the thought of packing just fills you with dread! The number of women who tell me that they pack ‘The kitchen sink’ (whether its business or holiday travel) just in case!!

First things first. Make sure you are clear on the baggage allowance. Always weigh your case before travelling. Tip: there are plenty of gadgets you can buy to check the weight of your case! This is particularly helpful for the return journey home!

Travel light – be ruthless. Start planning early. Make a list early. Include everything you think you might need including travel documents, medication, clothes, shoes and accessories

bulging suitcase

Decide on a colour scheme so that you can make a few outfits from separate garments. Lay everything out and then cut it by at least half. How many times have you gone on holidays and come home with clothes you haven’t worn?!

If you are heading to sunny climes, some light dresses or shorts and tee shirts will be the order of the day!

Shoes– why is it that these tend to take up the most room – never mind the weight of them. See how you can plan to use the same shoes or sandals with different outfits.

Toiletries – these items should be packed in smaller plastic sealable containers tightly sealed to avoid leakage. In some cases depending on how long you will be away for, it might be a good idea to buy locally.

To minimise wrinkling, turn your clothes inside out roll everything. This will also save room for other items.

Fill space within the case/bag with smaller items (underwear/swimwear). This avoids possibility of movement within the case. You will probably spend quite a lot of time in your swimwear so it is worth knowing what swimwear suits you best.

Wear your heaviest clothes and shoes when travelling. Include a wrap in a neutral colour for possible chilly evenings.

Always carry travel documents, medication, jewellery, electronic items, keys and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Items such as these should never be packed in checked in luggage. Generally, only bottles under 100 ml allowed in-cabin. Make a copy of your passport and keep it separately. Label each piece of luggage, both inside and out, with your name and telephone number, but not your home address. If an address is needed, then put your work address.

Have fun and enjoy the sunshine.

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