How you present at work dictates how you are perceived

Yes, it’s true – how you present at work dictates how you are perceived; it is the ultimate in nonverbal communication and every woman wants to say ‘success’. So says Donna Karan who, for so many years has designed for the ‘career’ woman. She is the genius who coaxed so many women out of their 1980’s career clothes into elegant easy pieces for the office. Donna Karan was the lady who invented the concept of the capsule wardrobe and in so doing solved the problem of women thinking that to compete with a man they needed to dress like one!

Donna Karan doesn’t make women sexy; she makes them alluring – no cleavage, no slits.  Ok, you can still have the ‘power dressing’, which is more about a woman having respect for her own job and her own power. It is more the empowerment of the woman herself.   Nowadays, the rules are much more relaxed.  Whether it’s dressing for board-room or the class-room or the arts and media, women want to be taken seriously.  Tailored trousers, an elegant jacket or coat or a structured day dress – all guaranteed to present an air of quiet, glamorous competence.
Yes, I like the sound of that!

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