How to edit your Wardrobe – January style!

Yes, its New Year Resolution time.  It is said we wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time!  No matter how many clothes you have, if you’re wardrobe isn’t working for you, then getting dressed will prove frustrating as things are pulled out, tried on, and thrown back into the wardrobe again with groans of ‘Why did I buy that?’

This is the best time of year to have a good clear out.  Go through your wardrobe and look at the pieces that you wear a lot and then work a few key outfits around these pieces.


Don’t let clothes sit at the back of your wardrobe. If you are not wearing them anymore, either donate them to the charity shop or have a swap party with friends.  Be ruthless and honest with yourself – this applies to every part of your wardrobe – hanging clothes, drawers, shelves, shoes, accessories! You could start with:

  • •    Things you bought on a whim and have never worn (maybe the label is still on);
  • •    Things you haven’t worn for over a year;
  • •    Things that don’t quite fit you properly;
  • •    Things that are uncomfortable;
  • •    Things that you’ve worn to death and are worn out;
  • •    Things that don’t match anything else in your wardrobe.

Now, you need to decide where the ‘gaps’ are – what do you need? What are the kinds of clothes you love to wear? What is your lifestyle? What is your budget?

Before you go shopping, you need to identify and plan key pieces which will fill the ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe.  Spending wisely isn’t about never loosening those purse strings, but is more about looking at where your money goes. Instead of buying throwaway fashion consider saving up and buying a more expensive investment piece instead. In the long run you’ll get better cost-per-wear value from these style staples than those ‘bargain’ items. It is a good time to really consider how much you spend on those so called ‘cheap and cheerful’ pieces and consider the effect on your wallet.  The golden rule is to spend the most money on the clothes you wear most.

Granted we all strive to have a signature style and classics have their place but it’s all too easy to slip into a style rut. It is a good idea to know what your true style personality is.  Knowing this, together with dressing for your lifestyle, bodyshape and colouring will go a long way to ensuring that you are making smart shopping decisions.

This wardrobe edit is guaranteed to get you out of any ‘January’ blues you might be feeling.  If you are saying to yourself at this stage ‘there will be nothing left in my wardrobe’, don’t worry – you’re not wearing a lot of these garments anyway and it is only causing you grief looking at clothes that you spent your hard-earned money on – let them go and send them to a good home and someone will get great wear out of them!

There is nothing as satisfying as clearing out an over-stuffed wardrobe.  It’s a movement of energy, it’s creating space, it gives a great sense of achievement and will have a very positive effect on your psyche too!

If you would like any aspect of weeding our your wardrobe or need some expert advice on injecting some new energy into your style, why not mail us today at or check out

Happy weeding!

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