Look Good, Feel Great, Go Far!

Looking good isn’t a luxury, it is something we all deserve and can achieve without having to spend a fortune. Indeed, for many it is an absolute necessity if you want to progress your career or grow your  business!

For many people, clothes shopping and dressing well and appropriately, for your age, career and lifestyle, can be a chore because you simply don’t know what suits you.  You will have a few pieces you enjoy wearing and feel good in, but because you don’t necessarily understand why you look good in those pieces, you can’t easily replicate it.  You have to understand what styles work for your figure and for your personality (as well as your budget and lifestyle of course) and do some research to find out the best places to shop for them.

The great thing about the current mood in fashion is that it is all about your personal style, and even if the universal mood changes when economies bounce back, it should still be about your personal style.

You will never go wrong with some good quality, well-fitting classic pieces such as a great fitting skirt or trouser suit ina neutral colour such as  navy, pewter, grey and dare I say – black – some classic tops which will see you through many seasons; a good shirt and a couple of dresses (no wondering on how to mix and match) and of course, a few great accessories which will update your look each season.

Invest the most money in the clothes you wear most and you can’t go wrong.  This will pay dividends.  You will look great.  You will feel great. You will go far!

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