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12 Ways to look younger!

Comparing yourself to others is not a good idea. We live in a world where we often feel we should look like supermodels, movie stars or even the yummy mummy on the school run.  Real beauty is about confidence within.  Start focusing on your positive points and forget about beating yourself up about the negatives.  When you start feeling good about yourself, you will begin to radiate an inner beauty.  We found it challenging to pick out the top tips but here are just a few:

  1. Wear colours that suit you.  Sounds obvious but as we age, we need to wear colours that are ‘kinder’ to our skin tone and avoid giving that ‘washed out’ look.
  2. Great grooming is essential as we get a bit older, so pay attention to detail.
  3. As we age, our hair can lose the thickness and condition we had in our 20’s.  Find a great hair stylist, get a great style and pay attention to the cut, colour and condition of your hair.  If you have had the same hair stylist for the last 5 years (or more), it’s time for a change!
  4. Hair colour generally needs to be a bit softer as we get older.  If we darken our hair too much, it can make the skin look pale and pasty which can have an ageing effect.
  5. Skin tends to dry out as we age.  Ensure that you moisturise in the mornings and nourish at night-time.  Every night!  Wear a sun protection factor every day – Summer and Winter.  Extremes of temperature as well as sunshine and wind can have a damaging effect on skin.
  6. Wear great underwear.  Essential to wear a well-fitting bra.  A good bra should be supporting and up-lifting as well as being sexy!  Get professional help in getting  measured and choosing the right size for you.
  7. Avoid old-age (!) slump by making sure you have great posture.  That means shoulders back and down, straight back and pulled in tummy.  Head up and smile.  Good posture is one of the easiest and effect ways to defy age.
  8. Ditch the clothes that you have for years and years to avoid looking dated.  Update your wardrobe regularly.  Each season, invest in a few key pieces that will keep you looking smart and contemporary.
  9. Maintain good health.  This means eating a good nutritious diet and taking regular exercise. Get regular quality sleep.  All good for the body and the mind!
  10. Maintain a healthy weight. As we age, our metabolism slows down and there can be a tendency for weight gain.  Eat sensibly and burn more calories!
  11. Wear a little make-up.  A good foundation and some lipstick (in the right colours) can really give a lift to the face.  Less is more as we age.  If you have been using the same products/techniques for longer than you can remember, it’s time for a re-think!
  12. Stress and worry can cause frowning and over the years, the muscles of the face actually conform to that movement and stress wrinkles are formed.  Stress is extremely unhealthy for mind and body.  Learn some relaxation techniques and avoid worrying if at all possible.

Finally, embrace the years!  Time is passing and there is nothing you can do to stop the ticking clock.  Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of what you’ve got and help you look and feel years younger!   At Image Matters, we are lucky to work with a wide range of experts to help our cllients look and feel great.  These range from nutritionists, hair-stylists, dermatologists, naturopaths, beauty salons, massage therapists, stress management experts  and many more.  In our consultations, we focus on what you need so check out our consultations here.  We’d love to hear from you!

Top 10 self tanning tips


With our lack of summer sunshine, many are resorting to self-tanning to get that lovely summer ‘glow’. Just remember that about 80% of skin ageing is caused by over-exposure to the sun, so false tanning is a great easy option.  As long as you know what you are at!   Read our top 10 tips for all you need to know!

  1. No matter which false tan you use, it’s only as good as the surface it’s going on to.  To prepare your skin for a perfect, even tan, you need to exfoliate thoroughly in advance. Concentrate particularly on problem areas such as elbows, knees and back of ankles which can be dry and a bit rough.
  2. If you shave your legs, try doing to so at least 24 hours before applying false tan.  In so doing your skin will have had time to settle down and will not be too sensitive.
  3. Moisturise in advance as the product will glide on easier.
  4. Best advice is to use a tined product where you can see it going on.  Use a mitt – this is the key – don’t add too much product on at the beginning – it is easier to build up rather than trying than using too much.  Do the large areas of your body first, arms, legs etc., and the focus on the smaller areas such as feet, ankles, wrists and backs of hands.
  5. Use a good light where you can see exactly what you are doing.
  6. For the face, use a formula which is especially designed for this area.  Again, just use a little as you do not want to look overdone!  Better too little than too much – you can always top up with a little bronzer. Avoid the hairline and eyebrows.
  7. There is a huge array of formulas to choose from.  Generally, creams are easier to apply as sprays can dry very quickly and are difficult to work with.
  8. Choosing the shade can also be quite a challenge.  Generally speaking the fairer skinned you are the lighter and more natural your tan should be.  There is nothing so awful as looking completely tangoed!
  9. To ensure that your tan endures and doesn’t fade unevenly, use a nourishing body cream daily.  Exfoliate again before re-applying. Top up as required.
  10. The key is to practice and don’t embark on your first self-tanning in advance of a big event.  Always ensure you do the back of your hands.  It’s a real giveaway when the arms are beautifully bronzed, but the hands are practically white.  Not a good look!

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Top 10 make up tips
  1. Match your foundation to your skin-tone – the idea is to even out the skin tone, not to add colour.
  2. Blend your foundation under the jaw-bone.
  3. Translucent powder is designed to ‘set’ your make-up and help it last.
  4. Apply powder blusher after translucent powder and cream blusher before translucent powder.
  5. Apply blusher to the apple of the cheek – blend carefully.
  6. Blot your lipstick on a tissue and apply a second coat to help it last.
  7. Groomed eye-brows frame the eye and give a ‘finished’ look to your make-up.
  8. Avoid black eye-liner and black mascara if you are very fair skinned or fair haired.
  9. Do not apply so much lip gloss that it bleeds around your lips.
  10. Blending of all products is the key. Practice and enjoy!

For some great looks in make-up and hair, check us out on Pinterest

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