I first met Frances in 2001 and immediately felt comfortable working with her. She is direct and subtle both at the same time but gets the message accross to both male and female participants. I would recommend Frances for one of her group courses and on an individual basis. Its not often you come across an Image Consultant that makes you feel confortable right from the start.
Eibhlin Johnston - Vice President, Business Development Trust & Fiduciary Services at J.P. Morgan Bank (Ireland) PLC

Frances giving a talkProfessional and personal presentation are serious topics. After all, how you carry yourself in the world has a huge impact on the kind of work you do and the life you lead. But in the capable hands of Frances Jones, these serious topics are handled with a winning and engaging combination of warmth and humour. A true people person, Frances is a renowned public speaker with the ability to present in a way that’s informative but also fun.

Frances gives talks to business groups, women’s networks, healthcare organisations and financial services networks. She has been a star speaker at a whole spectrum of conferences in the medical, recruitment and accountancy sectors, among many more. How to create a professional image and work body language to your advantage is a hugely popular and engaging topic. It is knowledge that serves all of us no matter what we do for a living.

People listening to Frances talk

Frances manages to pitch talks exactly to the mood of the room; conveying professional advice that’s rooted in industry knowledge in a way that motivates but also – crucially – entertains. Talks are interactive and focused on the specific professional needs of the audience. Liven up your conference or network event with a talk everyone can learn some priceless life skills from – and thoroughly enjoy.

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