Top Tips for Staying Chic in the Cold

Staying Chic in the Cold
Ok, so the temperatures are down and the snow has come! No matter what the season, we all want to look good.  This can be particularly challenging in the depths of Winter.  Here are our top tips to keep you looking stylish, no matter what the weather!

 Twiggy for M&S Woman Animal Print Furgora Beret Hat with Angora, , catlandingTwiggy for M&S Woman Shearling Double Breasted Long Coat, , catlandingPure Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper, CANDY, catlanding            Hibernates Scarves               

All looks from Marks & Spencer. Scarves from Avoca Hibernates collection.


  1. Layering is always a good idea at this time of year as it allows you to adjust outfits to suit your location (ie warm offices, chilly public transport);
  2. Cashmere jumpers and knitwear are winter staples, but its imporant to choose the right style for your body shape.  Choosing a bulky style will add unflattering bulk.  One colour pieces are the most versatile.  Wool dress, wool skirts and wool trousers are ideal for cold weather.  Make them current by wearing with a medium to high block or wedge heel for indoor and opt for the flat shoes or boots when contemplating wet, snowy conditions.
  3. When it comes to footwear, a good pair of leather boots will keep your feet dry.  There is a huge array of affordable ‘snow’ footwear for the outdoors available in many high-street shops such as Dunnes and Mark & Spencers.
  4. The most important part of your winter wardrobe is the coat.  Finding the right coat for your body shape will pull together any winter outfit.  Generally speaking, a shaped, fitted coat will suit best.  If you are petite (under 5’3″ avoid a long coat).   If you don’t have one, there are still many great coats in the sales at knock-down prices.  Opt for a neutral colour such as grey or black or camel.
  5. Accessorise them with coloured scarf, gloves etc.  It is said that we losemost of our body head through our heads, so, invest in a stylish hat to keep your warm and stylish!
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