Sunglasses – how to choose wisely

Now that our Summer has truly arrived, it’s time to get out the sunglasses! But how to make the right choice? See our top tips to ensure the best fit for you!

Choosing the right shape and scale

Your face shape will dictate the best shape of glasses for you so take your time to work out which styles flatter your face. You also need to consider the dimensions of the frame, and this will depend on both your face shape and size.

Oval face
Yours is the most balanced face, so most styles of frame will suit you. Make sure that the scale of the frames balances with the scale of your face, and avoid frames with extreme angles.

Square face
You need to give width to your face by extending the width of the frames and softening the lines. Try oval or rounded shapes.

Rectangular face
Wider frames with a low bridge will give the illusion of shortening the face. Avoid sharp angles on your frames. Wide arms will ?break up’ the length of the face, giving the illusion of shortening the length of your face.

Inverted Triangle
Keep the size of the frame within the width of your face – you don’t want the top of your head to look wider. Thin frames are good for you.

Round face
Angles frames are good, as are those that are slightly wider than your face, but avoid heavy rounded frames, which will emphasize the roundness of your face.

Just like regular spectacles, you want your sunglasses to be a good fit. You don’t want them sitting uncomfortably or sliding down your nose or hurting the backs of your ears.

Finally,go for the best quality you can manage. However, if you are someone who loses things easily, best not to invest too much! Always keep your glasses in a case when not in use and clean regularly!

Enjoy the sunshine!

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