11 Top tips to help you find the most flattering swim wear for your body shape!

Are you looking forward to getting into a swimsuit? Perhaps you are dreading it. Most women feel very challenged when it comes to buying swimwear – here are out top tips to help you make the most of your body shape this summer!

1. Get the right fit – sounds obvious but anything too tight will be very unflattering whilst wearing something too big will make you look saggy.

2. Remember the basic rules of style when choosing patterns and designs of fabric. Straight bodylines look better in geometric designs and the florals/circles/dots suit the curvier bodylines. Also remember scale of pattern – if you are tall you can opt for larger patterns whereas if you have a petite frame, go for smaller designs. Designers of swimwear often go over the top with large scale patterns which will make all body shapes look enormous and out of proportion.

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3. Go for colour – yes, black is slimming, but there are so many other smart choices – remember, whatever part of your body you want to high-light you wear the lightest or brightest colour. For the parts you want to slim down, wear the darker or plainer colour. If you are not sure what colours such you best click here

4. High cut legs will give the illusion of longer legs. Pear shapes that are fullest on their thighs wear with care, as the eye will be focused there. Straight cut leg really only suit the very longed legged. See how flattering your leg looks from the side view, in this shape.

5. Pear shapes need to choose swimwear that has all the detail above the waistline. The temptation to wear something with a skirt or frill over the hips will just draw attention to the hips.

6. Many women want to camouflage the tummy area – if this is you, then consider a one-piece with clever ruching over the tummy area which can be really flattering a hide a multitude!

7. The inverted triangles and rectangular shapes will look great in halter necks styles. Avoid if your shoulders slope or are narrow.

8. If you are full-busted it is worth spending a little extra on swimwear that is well supported. Probably best to go for an underwire – fit here is the most important consideration. Remember that on a two week sun holiday your swimwear nearly becomes your underwear and needs to give you the same support. For further details on what body-shape you are click here.

9. Investigate stores that sell their swimwear as separate pieces particularly if you are a pear or inverted triangle. You will be able to buy pieces to fit your different sizes for a better fit.

10. Many women have great backs so if you are not confident showing a lot of flesh but want something different look for swim wear with low or revealing backs.

11. One golden rule before you bare all – make sure your skin is in tip top condition – that means some exfoliation, hair-removal and lots of moisturising. You may even consider some fake tanning to get you started – click here for fake-tanning tips. Use a high factor sun protection to avoid burning. Nothing ages the skin quicker than exposure to the sun.

Finally, remember that when on the beach or beside the pool, you will see all shapes and sizes – it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying yourself. Have fun in the sun!

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