What are you “saying” before you speak a word?

Is looking stressed and unprofessional taking away your personal power and positive professional impact?  Appearing rumpled or haggard downgrades your professional image.

Portraying a harried image – regardless of how well you do your job or how smart you are, places you at risk of damaging your professional reputation, of hitting a wall in your career, of not making the most of your pitch to potential clients.

To get ahead (and to stay ahead) in any business or career, pay attention to your professional image as it is a powerful communicator.  The nonverbal messages your image sends can work on your behalf, or they can work against you.  Your clothing and body-language are primary components of your image.

Presenting a positive image boosts confidence and performance which is essential to your success!

To celebrate the re-launch of the Image Matters website, I am delighted to offer my FREE REPORT ‘10 Tips To Super-Boost Your Professional Image’  This report is filled with practical style tips and information together with your own ‘First Impressions’ checklist.

Remember small changes for big impact!

I look forward to bringing you more expert information and advice over the next weeks and months.  I am thrilled too to launch my new executive and life coaching services So now, you can not only look good on the outside, you can feeling amazing on the inside too!

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